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Saturday, November 1, 2008

More from today

So...after I made that blog post, I got off my ass and went for my walk. 2 miles...not much but I did it. Each step jarring my joints and pain spiking through my body. My husband at my side (where he always is!)
We talked about last night and how I was feeling and we thought maybe it's not the true pain...maybe I'm still in withdrawal from the Ultram. So I'm going to hang in a while longer. Dig deep and find the strength to do what I need to do each day. If after a while it does not abate, then perhaps I'll go back on the Ultram.
We came back home, I had a protein lunch and a nap. I felt a lot better afterwards. Now, as it's closing in on dinner time, my head is swimming...I crawled to the kitchen to keep from falling. And I will not be cooking or driving like this. Thank goodness my saint of a husband is here. We will have pizza and I'll make sure not to fall asleep again so I have the best chance of sleeping tonight. And hope for a better night than last night.
With this damn fibro I never know if I'm not sleeping because of the pain or if I have pain because I'm not sleeping. I do have Ambien I can take if I need I may do that tonight although I hate the way it makes me feel in the morning.
Anyway, this is just to update from the whining I did this morning. That pit of despair is a terrible place. Can't visit there too often.

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