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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update on Progress

So our dossier is in China. It seems as though magick is at work for us. Our USCIS paperwork was in hand 7 days after the fingerprinting was done! That's a record for our state. Might be a record for the US. But we are currently waiting for a log in date and I'm beginning to get antsy. I want my child. She turned 3 on Monday. No cake. No presents. No one noticed.

Our agency has had a minor shake up in that two people are moving and won't be there anymore so we are dealing with new staff. I'm glad our process is over, the paperchase part or I'd be more freaked out about it. We still need to get a CPR class done before we travel. SIGH I am not looking forward to that.

No more news to report except that we are waiting....

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stampqueen123 said...

sniff, sniff, sniff. . . we just wanted to say one thing. . . someone DID notice! You! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

The Shaver clan who is currently waiting for the magical moment to check Em into her dorm in Pennsylvania. . . .