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Friday, June 15, 2007


So as I've mentioned before we are homeschooling the boys. I've gotten some math books to help with that and we've already begun learning. Both boys balk about reading anything and so tonight I asked them to read aloud from a book of Greek Myths (santized for young minds) and Liam completely fell apart. He said he didn't like to read aloud and would not do it.

Both boys know that they are on a trial period this summer. Too much trouble from either one about something I've asked them to and I'll toss their skinny butts back in public school. So after some wrestling with Liam, I find out that he doesn't like to read out loud because it's embarrassing. More wrestling and I find out that kids in school were laughing at him for making mistakes. *SIGH* Why do kids have to be such little jerks? What is wrong with parents that they can't raise kind and compassionate children?

Anyway, after a bit of fighting, John read the first myth, Liam read the second and I read the third. Apparently not as devastating an event as he thought it might be.

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