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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I need to choose my Hebrew name.

My conversion is clicking along. I've contacted the base through the Chaplain's office to get permission to do my mikvah on the beach. I haven't heard back from them yet though so I guess I have to get on them to make sure I get an answer. I hope to have my conversion finished in April.

I still have to choose my Hebrew name. I think I'll create a poll and put it on here to see what everyone thinks. My Hebrew name will be used for official ceremonies and honors. Additionally, when the boys have their official things like their Bar Mitzvah ceremony, and their ketuba (marriage contract) my name in those things will be given as my Hebrew name. So it's an important choice. One which is vexing me because I so want to do this right...after all how often does a person get to pick their own name?

Morgan's Hebrew name is Rivka which means "captivating" and anyone who knows her story knows I was captivated by her from the moment I saw her picture which was 2 years ago!

Liam is a Hebrew name which means "My people, My nation" but he doesn't know if he's going to use Liam as his Hebrew name or not.

John is the English of Yochanan which means "G-d is gracious" and for the moment he's OK with using that. He may change his mind.

OK, so that's that. I've been uploading to Youtube you can see my videos here...

I'll be adding more soon. If when you read this the poll is up, please vote, not on the sound of the name but by the meaning. Does it make you think of me? Is it something that you think works for me? For example, the name Sarah means "gentle" and that is SO not me. OK, also, if you come here to read, you can leave would be nice to know someone is reading my blog. =)


Anonymous said...

I like "Yael"--I think of you as strong, a warrior woman, and graceful as well as smart. Yael was a hero of her people who succeeded by dint of both strength and strategy, courage and intelligence. It's a soft-sounding name, and it's also very propitious as it has one of the names of G-d in it (El), and one of the most ancient ones at that--very good mojo, to mix the metaphors outrageously .Take it for whatever it is worth--I don't think of you when I read any of the other names.... Zurg

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, it's just a quirk of mine, but the black background is something I find very hard to read against....


otherwise, I like the looks of your blog a lot.

Anonymous said...

awwww---you changed it!!! thank you. I think it looks much better!!!

Ya-el? whaddya think?


temptabo said...

Of course I changed it!

Yael...I'm cogitating on it. I do like the meaning of it and the history.

Did you see I've linked to your blog down at the bottom? =P

Anonymous said...

I agree with Zurg. I like Yael. You are a strong woman. By the way, Sarah means lady or princess. That's why I called her Princess Sarah. Of course, the name Rachel would give honor to her. Ziv means bright, radiant with variations Ziva or Zivit. The site I looked at says Ziv can be male or female but my vote is Yael. Put it on the voting thing to see if anyone else likes it.


HardyMum said...

Hi Karen, i voted for Chasida. Righteous. I think it fits AND a very pretty name. which syllable is accented?