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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Ides of March

So today is the Ides of March...a day that portends impending doom. But for me, a confirmed pessimist I'm feeling pretty optimistic. I'm actually trying on optimism for a while...but it does feel like an itchy wool sweater.

I haven't been to my Hebrew class in oh three weeks because I've been crippled by sinus and fibro headaches. I'm going today but to be honest I'd rather be sleeping. Not that I could actually sleep anyway. I also need a haircut, I need to get some stuff for the birds and some tweezers. I'm contemplating getting my eyebrows waxed but you know it's always tough to trust someone else to do that. The last time I let someone else do it they removed too much in the middle and it made me look older.

Morgan is doing well, picking up more language along the way. She mimics all kinds of stuff. Eventually it will all come together for her and I think she'll just start talking one day. Amazing what someone paying attention to a child can do for her. And her austism? I don't think she's on the spectrum at all given what I've seen from her. She's not rigid, she doesn't show an inability to deal with changes past what I would say is normal for a three year old. It would surprise me if she was on the spectrum at all.

The boys are doing well too. Out of school again and happier for it. We are working as a family towards a more gentle life for us all. Trying to undo much of our history and replace the parenting tools John and I have for ones that are more respectful of our children. It's not easy to change your whole mindset and patterns of behavior. The boys really want a microscope and a set of premade slides. We need to get that for them. I remember how facinated I was by microbiology. I also want to get them some agar plates, and wet and dry prep slides. Maybe even some Gram stains. There is so much we can do with a good microscope!

I think it's time we get a digital camcorder. We have too much we are missing with the kids that would be nice to catch. Unfortunately, I know nothing about them. Maybe I can set John to researching it.

Well that's all the news worth reporting for now.

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